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I have neglected this blog for a couple of months. Life has a way of getting busy and you lose track of things. That is one of the reasons I so appreciate the gift of the liturgical year. The ever changing cycle of days and weeks and seasons reminds us that it is always a time to begin again.

Nativity- Fransis Ashton Jackson

In this Advent season, we return to the manger. We return to the source. We return to the One who remains faithful, even when we get distracted and wander off. “All we like sheep have gone astray”. Lord, gently guide us, and keep us near your fold.

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Hearing God’s Voice Communally by Lynne Baab

Imagine you’re in a committee or church board meeting, and you’re discussing a possible new direction for mission. You long to experience God’s guidance in the decision. What can you do as a group to hear God speak to you?


Hearing God’s Voice Communally by Lynne Baab.

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How Do We Respond To Violence In Love?


God is love,
May this love take root in our hearts
And overflow.
Love does no wrong to another.
May God’s love spread like healing balm,
Wherever there is violence.
Love never celebrates injustice.
May it fall like gentle rain,
On thirsty ground,
And bring peace where trouble reigns.
Love binds us together.
May it reach out through us to neighbours,
And draw us into God’s eternal family.

How Do We Respond To Violence In Love?.

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A Litany of Healing

Loving and compassionate God,

Lord of all health and wholeness

We are fearfully and wonderfully made

Thank you for your miracle of healing

You gift our bodies with incredible means of protection and repair

Immune systems that shield and heal us

Wounds that heal, bones that knit, tissues that repair themselves

Thank you for your miracle of healing

You gift our world with plants and herbs that cure our diseases

They provide our medicines and pain killers

They form the basis of our antibiotics and antiseptics

Thank you for your miracle of healing

You gift our lives with your healing life

Your Cross that saves and redeems us

The bread and wine that draws us into your presence

Thank you for your miracle of healing

More at our friends at Godspace:  A Litany of Healing.

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Celtic Resource List

Iona Cross

From our friends at Godspace. Includes Ray Simpson from the Community of Aidan and Hilda.

Celtic Resource List.

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Looking for Liturgical and Worship Resources – Try Some of These

Links to some excellent resources.

Looking for Liturgical and Worship Resources – Try Some of These.

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16 Ways Progressive Christians Interpret the Bible


I’ve long stated that

Atheists and fundamentalists each tend to read the Bible in the same wooden, overly literalistic manner. The difference is that atheists reject what they read in that manner, while fundamentalists believe it.

There’s a lot of truth to that – enough that it tends to piss off members of both of those groups off when they come across what I said.

However, I’ve also said that

All Christians pick and choose which portions of the they interpret Bible literally, progressive Christians simply admit this and share how we discern.

That observation has resonated with many people – including many fundamentalists who are honest with themselves and who rightly contend that they don’t read “all of the Bible literally.” Some of these more self-reflective fundamentalists have asked me, “So, how do you progressives “discern” and interpret the Bible? Seems like you just read into it what you want it to say; twist it; and don’t take it seriously.” I generally respond by reminding them that – that which we criticize most in others, is often that which we struggle with most ourselves.

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