And Jacob became Israel, “He wrestles with God”

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, by Ben-Zion, 1935

God does not will that anyone should die (be lost) but that all might be saved.

Salvation is not a one time event. Salvation is an ongoing process, a continual effort on our part to “wrestle” with God as our forefather Jacob did.  Our task is to struggle to understand and follow the Will of God.  We know that we can never do so fully or perfectly. The Mind of God is far beyond anything our created minds can grasp.

Yet we keep on keeping on. Our salvation is not in “getting it right” but in “being faithful to God no matter what.”

“In overcoming God you are overcome.
God enjoys a good fight as much as an Irish publican.
From hearts that struggle there is the hope of honest love.
A lover does not want gratitude or compliance;
soggy affection is no more appealing than cold porridge.
Nothing short of a free and equal passion will suffice.
If such love must be won from long and painful wrestling,
better that than an insipid pretence which does not stir the gut.
It is possible to keep running for a long time.
But once you join battle with the Stranger, you are at risk.
– Michael Riddell from Godzone: A Traveller’s Guide, 1992
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