Month of Thanksgiving

Day Four:  For Allen. I never met Allen face to face, but he has been an integral part of my life for seven years now. I owe my life to him.


When Allen was in high school taking driver’s ed, he saw a video from LifeNet about being an organ donor. Allen was a kind and giving young man, and he thought this was the coolest thing. Should something happen to him, God forbid, he could still help others. He checked the Organ Donor box on his driver’s license, and talked with his family about it. he even got all of them to sign on as donors as well.

Allen was a solid “C” student, played football, was outgoing and always surrounded by friends. When he wasn’t hanging with his buddies, he was tinkering on cars or motorcycles. He loved making them work, and driving them fast.

After high school, he married his sweetheart and worked in a local garage. Life was great, for a while. But the economy tanked. He lost his job. His marriage fell apart. Allen ended up in his parents basement, still working on cars and motorcycles when he could, but spending a lot of time alone, playing video games or just driving on his bike. He was always careful to wear his helmet, but it was dark, and even though he had taken that curve a thousand times before, he missed the exit going an estimated 150 mph. The accident was not survivable.

Yet Allen lives on. Thanks to his sweet and generous nature, his heart lives on in a woman in Virginia Beach, a kidney lives on in a man in Richmond. And I was blessed with his liver and other kidney. There are three of us alive today, because of Allen.

I never met Allen face to face, but he has been an integral part of my life for seven years now. I owe my life to him.

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2 Responses to Month of Thanksgiving

  1. Thank you for sharing this and honoring this man, Allen, for not only helping you but two others. Several years ago, I decided to check the donor box–after thinking about it for some time. Reading your story helped me to feel good about what I have done.

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