Month of Thanksgiving

Day Five: For my son, Will. I praise God for the gift of my son who has been such a blessing, even when that blessing was well disguised.

Kathy and I were living in Kentucky, students in Seminary when we learned we were pregnant. About mid way in the pregnancy we moved to Roanoke. Kathy went to a new doctor there who discovered that she was already dilating at 5 months. She was sent straight to the hospital where they performed a procedure which would help her carry the child to term. The doctor warned us that the baby would be small, and would come early.

We meanwhile has sweated bullets coming up with the perfect names. If a girl, we decided on Rena Katherine after the two grandmothers, and if a boy, we decided on Edward Andrew.

The wait was excruciating, because we had been warned that the baby could come at any time up to a month early. That deadline passed. Another week. Then another. The closer to full term the better.

For three weeks we sat home looking at each other like there was a bomb set, and we didn’t know when it would go off. The night before the due date, our Sunday School class had a Christmas party. Kathy decided that she wanted to go. If nothing had happened by now, there was no reason to sit at home another night.

We had a great time. The class was made up of young couples. Every one of us was pregnant or had just had a baby in the previous year. We got home about 11:00 and went to bed. About 3:00 Kathy elbowed me and said, “It’s time!”

While it is pretty much routine now, the hospital has just recently changed the rules allowing fathers to be present in labor and delivery, and I was one of the first ones. Finally, at 11:43 AM, our son made his grand entrance upon the world. The doctor handed him to the nurse, who handed him to ME! Yikes! We were parents!

Kathy and I took one look at him and said, “This is not an Edward Andrew.” We decided on “Charles William” for his two grandfathers. He was right at average weight and born at almost noon on the due date. He has been exceeding expectations ever since.

I love you, Kiddo! (And I have his permission to call him that!)

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