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5 churchy phrases that are scaring off millennials | OnFaith

The millennials are leaving the church, and nobody seems quite sure what to do about it. … Here is what I can tell you about millennials: We grew up on easy answers, catchphrases and cliché, and if we’ve learned anything, … Continue reading

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Abandoning the Boats

Eph3A Matthew 4:12-23 There was a news report this week about an abandoned ship.. It had been owned by a company which had gone bankrupt, and left in a harbor in Newfoundland, Canada. The bank had sold it to a … Continue reading

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You never know what your friends are going through

I was stunned to learn the other day that one of my old high school buddies had passed away. Jimmy and I had known one another since we were kids. We were involved in school activities together, but lost tough … Continue reading

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Find Your Purpose – An Active Listening Process

The following is an active listening process which we develop some years ago to help us gain a clear sense of God’s purpose for our lives. I used it to write my own personal calling statement which I keep at … Continue reading

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The Church’s Frightful Kodak Moment

Originally posted on Holy Soup:
We walked through the nearly empty, formerly flourishing space of the Kodak manufacturing plant near our home. The plant manager, a friend from church, sadly described how Kodak plants had been downsizing and closing ever…

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Reforming Evangelicalism: Becoming Trinitarian Dance Partners | Blood Stained Ink

The confession of Nicaea is not merely information to believed, but it is the relational logic for the life of the Church, which itself is nothing other than our collective participation in the divine dance.  Our preaching of the gospel … Continue reading

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The conversation about Heaven and Hell | The Life-Charged Life

Let’s talk about this. I’m a Jesus Follower; I know that Jesus is the source of light and life; I want others to know that kind of life-charged life; I believe that the decision to follow Jesus is the best … Continue reading

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