Why Not Everyone Should be Christian : An Alternative Vision of Evangelism.

From the blog of my friend and colleague Dwight Welsh

Approaching Justice

Image This could be taken as a remarkable statement to make as a Christian pastor. But I don’t wish for a world where everyone converted to Christianity. This isn’t because I don’t want everyone to be saved, it’s just that I don’t think being a Christian saves anyone. If we are to meaningfully talk about salvation, that must involve the work of God in the world and the cooperation of human beings in that effort.

To talk about the question of salvation, we have to ask what we need to be saved from? Anyone could make a list of the problems of human existence. Our inability to live well together being a top candidate. Racism, gender discrimination, and violence could be another. The concentration of wealth where most of the world’s population don’t have enough to live on while the top 1% owns almost half the world’s wealth.

But then there…

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